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SejalIT Inc. has provided various e-training programs for different firms, business organizations and individuals as well. Our e-training approach includes both interactive CD/DVDs and computer and Internet based trainings.

Our training programs are customized to fit all the major requisites of the organizations and individuals. We have brought together the experience and expertise in both IT and non-IT fields. Our trainers and faculty leave no stone unturned to help the firms and individuals during the course

To achieve this, we have included following:

  • In order to assess the effectiveness of our training programs, we have furnished the online training interface with a feedback system.
  • Our programs are user friendly enabling the user to interact with the trainers and real problem solving support.
  • For interactive training, we use the most advanced interactive technology tools.
  • We provide the list of the current and the emerging training program list, from where one can choose the course of the choice.
  • For computer based training, we use high class¬†infrastructure like online training interfaces, fully dedicated web servers, integrated applications, database search engines, various media streaming techniques including audio files, animation files and video files.

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